UN Observer

Ted founded and edited the UN Observer and International Report from its inception in the late 1970’s until its demise in the early 2000’s.  Here are some samples.

UN Observer April 1984

UNO June 1984

UNO July 1984

UNO Aug 1984

UNO Sept. 1984

UNO Oct 1984

UNO 1986 Jan

UNO 1986 Feb

UNO 1986 March

UNO 1986 April

UNO 1986 May

UNO 1986 June

UNO 1986 July

UNO 1986 Aug

UNO 1986 Sept

UNO 1986 Oct

UNO 1986 Nov

UNO 1986 Dec

UNO 1987 Feb

UNO 1992 April

UNO 1994 Dec

UNO 1997 Aug

UNO 1998 Nov

UNO 1999 April

UNO 1999 Feb

UNO 1999 March

UNO Aug 1984

UNO Jan 1985

UNO July 1984

UNO June 1984

UNO Jan 1997

UNO Sept 1996

UNO Oct 1996

UNO June 1996

UNO July 1996

UNO Feb 1997

UNO Aug 1996

UN Observer March 1996


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